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Ecol4wind - complete package of lubrication service

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Ecol4wind is a package of complete lubrication solution dedicated to wind power plant, that contains: delivery of lubricants, lubrication service, oil analysis and also training and consulting service.

  • 1. delivery of lubricants
  • 2. lubrication service
  • 3. oil analysis
  • 4. training and consulting

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1. Delivery of lubricants

LOTOS Oil - strategic Partner for Ecol4wind service

Our strategic partner in area of lubricants delivery is LOTOS Oil – polish manufacturer of dedicated oils and greases to wind turbines, including gear and hydraulic oils, based on synthetic as well as mineral bases.

Ecol North America

LOTOS Oil means satisfied customers in 84 countries around the world. Thousands of tons of oil supplied each year to the most demanding customers domestically and abroad. LOTOS OIL oils and lubricants are the epitome of proven, high quality, advanced solutions exceeding most stringent technological standards. LOTOS OIL products are recognized for their finest quality and reliability, they are also considered innovative and modern and on top of that - environmentally friendly.

Authorised distributor of LOTOS Oil

Ecol - Authorised Distributor of LOTOS Oil

Since 1994, Ecol has been an authorised professional distributor of LOTOS Oil (produced by the LOTOS Group) in industry power and professional power industries. Since the incorporation of Remiz® turbine oils in the market, we have been the most important supplier of TU and TG Remiz® oils—most of Polish power plants, and combined heat and power plants in Poland.
Nowadays, Ecol is the most important supplier of LOTOS Oil oils for the industry.

2. Lubrication service

A comprehensive service including the supply of lubricants, the right application and the collection and transport of used lubricants to the disposal institution.

We use alternative technologies of removing the aging deposits, always tailored to the individual requirements of the machine.

We carry out oil changes (transmission and hydraulic) in wind turbines using specialized equipment.

The mobility of the pumping and filtration set has shortened the replacement time to a minimum, while maintaining the highest safety standards for people and the natural environment.

3. Oil Analysis

Certified oil laboratory

The highest standards of our research unit have been confirmed by the accreditation No. AB 1564, issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation, as a laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018-02.

Detailed information on the subject of accreditation

Detailed information on the scope of accreditation AB 1564

What distinguishes our oil analysis laboratory?

  • certified diagnostics (the only Polish CLS certificate - Certified Lubrication Specialist issued by STLE)
  • availability of the laboratory 24/7/365
  • dedicated research ranges for gears, hydraulics, grease lubrication systems, custom symbols
  • on-line access to reports

More about oil analysis at:

4. Training and consulting

We organize periodic, dedicated trainings in the field of:

  • basics of lubrication technique
  • lubricants used
  • problems of exploitation of lubricants
  • sampling
  • interpretation of diagnostic reports
  • performing basic research (on-site)
  • analysis and diagnosis - case study

We also provide consulting services, including:

  • lubrication auditing tribological consulting
  • selection of lubricants
  • designing maintenance and organization systems for lubrication management in the plant
  • trainings in lubrication engineering
  • interpretation of oil test results and analysis.

Our current offer for trainings at:

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